The Pulse is back at it again! And with this being our third and last publication, I feel like everyone put their best foot forward this week to find some very compelling stories. Throughout many of our hard news stories, a common focus can be seen: change. All week, people have been talking about change, proposing their ideas of change, seeking change, and protesting against change.

For example, Stephen Lewis visited Carleton University this week to talk about how people need to change the way they look at cancer. People also gathered at Parliament Hill for a candle-light vigil on Saturday during Earth Hour, an event that encouraged people to change their everyday routine to combat climate change.

Some new technological products hit the Canadian market this week. Canadians can now pre-order 3D HDTVs from SONY, and Future Shop started selling the innovative televisions in Ottawa on Friday. But with so many technological advancements these days, people are unsure if consumers will immediately make the change over to a 3D television. Wind mobile, the newest cell phone provider in Canada, is also now available in Ottawa. This means more competition for existing providers, but once again, will people make the change over?

Governments also made some significant changes this week. The Ontario government has allocated $310 million of its budget for creating more students spaces in universities and colleges across the province. As well, the federal government has decided to close down six prison farms across the country, leaving many farmers angry.

One of our biggest stories this week is Ann Coulter’s visit to the University of Ottawa, where attendees were angered when organizers apparently decided to cancel Coulter’s appearance. This last-minute change made news across the country, and one of our reporters was there to witness the spectacle.

These stories are only a quick snapshot of what we have to offer this week. We also have many other interesting news pieces, and as usual, a variety of multimedia pieces.  All in all, I think the hard work has paid off, and we hope you enjoy our work.


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