Amanda Connolly

I was born in Edmonton, raised in Vancouver, and refined the journalistic art of cynicism during my eight years in Oakville, Ont. I’ve always loved to write and have a published children’s book but after realizing the value of satire in my grade eleven English class, I decided to pursue a career in journalism. After all, what better way to affect change than to point out the mess-ups of the people that we elect to power?

I read a lot, but my favourite book for the last couple of years is the Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo. It’s so beautiful and complex, and makes me cry every time I read it because all of the characters’ tragedies are so completely inevitable. It’s inspired me to live every day to the fullest, because you never know what’s going to happen. Despite that, I believe that everything happens for a reason. What might seem like the worst day of your life could change the course of everything for the better.

I procrastinate a lot, mostly by lurking around and taking pictures of whatever inspires me. If it’s too cold, I work on my style blog, See You Here, and torture my poor roommates by practising guitar. I really want to travel, and after graduation I plan on taking some time and backpacking through Europe. I’m in the middle of getting my Irish citizenship, so I’m dying to travel all over Ireland. After that, who knows? I’d love to try the small-town newspaper circuit for a couple years and then move up to doing photojournalism pieces for the National Geographic. I’d love to have dinner with Hatschepsut, the Egyptian queen-turned-pharoah, because I’m fascinated by how she gained control and got all the men to follow her lead in policy and diplomatic decisions. I’m a conspiracy buff, so I want to know how she died (nobody knows!)

So far, my favourite j-school moment has been seeing my B+ on WebCT and knowing that I would be able to continue to second year. I actually had no idea what else I would do with my life if I hadn’t made it in..probably moved to Hawaii and started a surf-shack where I could hide away from the world and bask in the sun. My hardest lesson learned has been that while you may want to think the best of someone, sometimes they really are just giant idiots. As well, there ARE journalism gods, but you shouldn’t count on them blessing you because sometimes stories just don’t work out.


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