Hilary Roberts

I’m from Ottawa, and I currently spend my sleeping hours (when I have sleeping hours) in a suburb called Kanata.
I’ve wanted to be a writer of some sort from about the age of eight or nine. By the time I hit my teen years, I realized I wasn’t creative enough to make up my own stories; I decided to be a journalist so I could tell other people’s stories instead. I especially love quirky, interesting news stories over mundane daily news reports, which probably explains my favourite book: Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk. My journalistic answer is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson because really, doesn’t every journalism student love him? I’m just as dedicated as Thompson to the seriousness of the journalistic craft, so I don’t procrastinate when writing stories; I take pre-story study breaks. I like to look at clothes, visit fashion blogs and read things that aren’t on my official class reading lists. On that note, my somewhat-related quote to live by is from Karl Lagerfeld: “I can be impressed by what others do or have done but I never wanted to be somebody else.”

After graduation, I’d like to work for a magazine writing longer features and profiles. I also love and admire Audrey Hepburn; if I could have dinner with anyone, ever, it would be her. (I was tempted to answer, “The cute guy from the O-Train.”)

I’ve had some interesting adventures in jschool. My personal best moment was when a judge gave me the perfect quote for my court reporting assignment. The moment I’ll never forget is from J1000, when Lois Sweet explained the significance of the BJ to our class – the Bachelor of Journalism degree, that is. Jschool also taught me crying in public is a very, very bad idea. I’ve got a great pipe dream that involves hanging up my BJ certificate on the wall of the Editor-In-Chief’s office at Vogue. Because I value working my way up from the bottom, however, I would be happy organizing the accessories closet. For now, that is.


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