Jordan Fallis

My name is Jordan Fallis and I am from Whitby. I want to be a journalist because I enjoy writing and learning, and journalism allows me to do both continuously. My favourite book is The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. When I’m writing stories, my biggest procrastination tools are going on Facebook (of course), checking my email, and listening to music. Sometimes I just sit and listen to music instead of doing my work. I’ve tried doing both at the same time, but before I know it, I’m fully engaged with the music.

There are so many inspirational quotes out there, but I live by Ghandi’s quote “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” After graduation, I wouldn’t mind travelling, and if that can fit into my career as a journalist, all the better. I’m also considering going to law school. If I could have dinner with one person, I think it would be Bob Marley. My favourite moment in J-school so far would have to be going to the Carp Fair, my very first journalism assignment. So many unbelievable and strange coincidences happened that day.

For example, as I started walking home from the fair with no money and a dead cellphone, a man with no hands (Yes, that’s right no hands. He had hooks) asked me if I needed a drive home. He ended up being a former journalist and current CRTC representative. On top of this, he didn’t even have to go out of his way to drive me home because he lived on my street! Now that I think of it, it is an extremely creepy story and I may have been dealing with a stalker haha. Another great moment was when I got the chance to talk to Michael Ignatieff one-on-one at the prorogation rally. The hardest lesson I learned is “double and even triple check everything.” This applies to all aspects of reporting – from the spelling of a name to whether you’re allowed to reuse quotes and information from one of your stories if it is applicable to another. And lastly, if I could get a job anywhere, it would be at Rolling Stone magazine.


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