Emily Dickinson

My name is Emily Dickinson and I am from the GTA. I have always imagined myself as a journalist because of my love for writing and human interaction. I’m a little embarrassed, but my favourite book (or 7) is obviously Harry Potter, although Slaughterhouse Five takes a close second. When I’m procrastinating writing stories, I check webCT. Facebook. Twitter. Email. Or I organize—organizing and cleaning are my favourite procrastination pass-times.
“Everything happens for a reason.” Every person you meet, every place you end up and even every tragic event in your life, whether or not you see it now, happened because someone is looking out for you.
After graduating, I want to jump right into an on-camera position at Entertainment Tonight, complete with stylist and celebrity status. That’s realistic, right? Speaking of realistic, if I had to choose one person to have dinner with, it would be Justin Timberlake, hands down.
My favourite J-school moment is a tie between being a part of the Ann Coulter madness, and my first media pass, where I got to stand a foot from Donald Trump.
I’ve learned—sometimes the hard way—it’s important to leave your emotions at home, and not bring them to your professional setting. My dream job is to be the lead in a Broadway musical, singing and dancing my way around the world.


3 responses to “Emily Dickinson

  1. Janet

    Great little bio! You’re so very clever, Em!

  2. Andrea Dickinson

    I love your little bio, and I think you should include that you also lived 5 big years in rural eastern ontario, or the REO. Those years gave you so much ‘perspective’. 🙂

  3. Emily you’ve grown so much this past year! Get ’em girl! 🙂

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